Understanding the Crew to Passenger Ratio

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crew to passenger ratio

The Importance of the Crew to Passenger Ratio

How do you know what level of service to expect on your next cruise? To get a good feel for the likely service you will receive onboard your cruise ship, consider taking a look at the Crew-to-Passenger ratio.

This is a ratio calculated by diving the number of passengers by the number of crew members using the following formula:

Crew to Passenger Ratio = Number of Passengers divided by the number of Crew

The resulting ratio shows the number of passengers each crew member is expected to look after. The ultimate ratio is 1:1 or better. This means as a passenger you should expect exceptional service. In theory, the more attractive the ratio (i.e. the fewer passengers each crew member must look after, the better the service. It stands to reason that luxury cruise ships would have the most attractive crew-to-passenger ratios, followed by premium category ships and then mass-market ships.

Other Factors Affecting the Ratio

But crew-to-passenger ratios don’t tell the whole story when trying to understand the level of service you might expect to receive. New technology and automation make ship operations more efficient, requiring fewer crew members to perform tasks. Good examples of this can be found in restaurants and other food outlets onboard where digital technology has largely replaced paper-based systems.

Onboard Apps being developed by the cruise lines enables passengers to order, track and organise more activities online. Booking Shore Excursions, Spa treatments, Transfers and Gifts can all be ordered online before your cruise thus reducing the number of crew members needed. Some companies are leading the way with digital technology to improve the passenger experience, whilst others a being left behind.

Crew to Passenger Ratio Matrix.

Our online matrix of Cruise Lines and their Cruise Ships which you can Sort and Search and show important ratios for a range of our favourite Luxury Cruise ships. This list is continually being updated.

Queen AnneCunard113,000300010502.8637.67
Queen ElizabethCunard90,90125039002.8036.3
Queen Mary 2Cunard148,530262012542.1056.7
Queen VictoriaCunard90,04920619812.1043.7
MSC SeasideMSC153,156533114133.8028.7
SeaDream ISeaDream4,253112951.1837.9
SeaDream IISeaDream4,333112951.1838.7
Seabourn OdysseySeabourn32,0004503301.3071.1
Seabourn QuestSeabourn32,,0004503001.3071.1
Seabourn SojournSeabourn32,0004503301.3071.1
Seabourn EncoreSeabourn40,3506044501.3066.8
Seabourn OvationSeabourn40,3506044501.3066.8
Seabourn VentureSeabourn23,0002641202.2087.12
Seven Seas ExplorerRegent55,2547325671.2975.48
Seven Seas GrandeurRegent55,2547505521.3674
Seven Seas MarinerRegent48,0757084451.6067.91
Seven Seas NavigatorRegent28,5504903251.5158.27
Seven Seas SplendorRegent55,2547505421.3974.00
Seven Seas VoyagerRegent42,3637084451.6059.84
Silver CloudSilversea16,9272602081.2565.1
Silver DiscovererSilversea5,218124961.2942.0
Silver ExplorerSilversea6,0721441171.2342.1
Silver OriginSilversea5800102901.1456.87
Silver MoonSilversea40,7005964111.4568.3
Silver MuseSilversea40,7005964111.4568.3
Silver ShadowSilversea28,2583883031.2872.83
Silver SpiritSilversea39,5196084111.4865.0
Silver WhisperSilversea28,2583883021.2972.83
Silver WindSilversea17,4003022221.3657.62
Star BreezeWindstar9,9752121531.3847.1
Star LegendWindstar9,9752121531.3847.1
Star PrideWindstar9,9752121531.3847.1
Wind SpiritWindstar5,350148881.6936.15
Wind StarWindstar5,350148881.6936.15
Wind SurfWindstar14,7453121631.9247.26
Wonder of the SeasRoyal Caribbean236,857698823003.0333.89

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