Stunning Views for New Ships

Seabourn will soon be offering guests a breathtaking perspective on the sights in the most coveted and remote destinations in the world on their new Expedition Ships.

The Seabourn Constellation Lounge, a viewing lounge located up high and forward will feature on each of the line’s two new purpose-built expedition vessels scheduled to launch in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Designed along the lines of the popular Observation Bar that features on every ship in the current Seabourn fleet, the Constellation Lounge will debut with the launch of Seabourn Venture in June 2021. It will then follow on the yet to be named sister expedition ship in May 2022. The name of the new lounge reflects the direction of the space, which is dressed up in constellation-inspired interiors, fashioned by hospitality design icon Adam D. Tihany, including dark carpeting laid out with bright constellation patterns. Additionally, the furniture is being created and designed by Tihany Product Design. 

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Seabourn Constellation Lounge

The name – Seabourn Constellation Lounge – was last used on Seabourn Pride (now the Windstar Cruises Star Pride) and is a nod to the heritage of luxury hospitality built over more than 30 years of operation.

Located on Deck 9 forward, the Constellation Lounge will be the highest indoor viewing point on each ship. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls will wrap around the space, offering guests stunning 270-degree, outward-facing views as far as their eyes can see, heightening their expeditionary spirit while bringing them closer to wildlife and wonders at sea and in port.

Also, the expedition team will be in the lounge regularly to help identify points of interest, wildlife and geological wonders. Imagine glimpsing killer whales, waddling penguins, and sea lions in Antarctica; sleepy-eyed sloths, playful monkeys, and colourful parrots in the rainforests of South and Central America; and icebergs bobbing in the seas and waterfalls rushing over cliffs in the far reaches of the Arctic and Northern Europe – all from the comfort of the Constellation Lounge.

“The Constellation Lounge creates a scene all its own on our new expedition vessels, inviting guests into a stunning space with myriad delights to enjoy from morning into the night,” said Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn. “The design of the space inspires, just like the sky above. It will play out as an ideal setting to relax, unwind, and review the day while soaking up amazing views.” 

Design Concepts

The vibrant red and blue palette of the Constellation Lounge will be accented by silver and bronze details from throw pillows to bar stool stands. At the same time, velvety banquettes and comfortable, sleek, sling-back lounge chairs will contribute to a seductive and relaxed environment that encourages guests to kick back, converse, and enjoy.

The captivating central bar of the Constellation Lounge will be a destination on its own, with striking textured marble and a unique geometrical faceted metal bar front.

Special lighting, inspired by the skies above, will create star-like lighting patterns across the ceiling. Art in the Constellation Lounge echoes the geometrical aspects of the space with an ode to historical maps of the night sky.

New Seabourn Lounge 1

The new Seabourn Constellation Lounge will offer the popular Early Morning Riser continental breakfast, while afternoons will feature the line’s popular and recently enhanced Afternoon Tea service. Steeped in the tradition of proper English tea service, yet as fresh and memorable as a newly brewed pot, the elegant daily tea service incorporates the most exceptional luxury tea brand TWG Tea. As the sun dips and the night sky lights up, live piano entertainment will delight guests as cocktails and tapas are served both before and after dinner.

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Image/Rendering courtesy of Seabourn