Bon Appetit – Regent Explorer to feature Parisian Style Resturant

Mar 19, 2015 | CRUISE NEWS

Regent Explorer Resturant

If you love French Cuisine, you are going to love the newest French speciality restaurant aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer®. The new restaurant named Chartreuse is described as a classic French restaurant with a modern twist that is designed to evoke a hidden Paris café.

Chartreuse will join the cruise line’s signature steakhouse, Prime 7, as the second of three specialty restaurants aboard Seven Seas Explorer. Regent Seven Seas will release details about the third specialty restaurant in June. All three restaurants, which guests can book at no additional charge, will feature vintage wines and premium spirits, also at no additional cost.

Beginning in the summer of 2016 you will be able to get a taste of this new exciting dining venue and sample the tantalising gourmet menu, which the chefs have put together. Chartreuse will feature classic French haute cuisine with a modern twist. Hand-cut Charolais steak tartare in a hazelnut-Dijon emulsion, roasted Cévennes rack of lamb with rosemary-mint persillade or poached Brittany blue lobster tail glazed with caramelized lobster roe butter are just some of the many delights that you could be treated with. Of course, with Regent not only the incredible ocean views are included, but all speciality gourmet dining as well.

“A luxury cruise experience is incomplete without gourmet dining,” said Jason Montague, Regent Seven Seas’ president and chief operating officer. “With our sights set on building the world’s most luxurious ship, we challenged our design and culinary teams to develop some extraordinary and exquisite dining options for our guests aboard Seven Seas Explorer.”

Guests will be greeted by a hostess upon arrival at the restaurant through a curved paneled entryway with flooring that resembles a cobblestoned Parisian street. Contemporary lounge chairs and embossed leather stools will surround granite-topped tables in an intimate bar area with scalloped marble mosaic tiled flooring. Guests can enjoy specialty cocktails infused with the French liqueur Chartreuse.

The new restaurant will include a solid zinc bar top on a softly illuminated frosted glass base located near a backlit wine display filled with French wines and selections from boutique vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhône and Loire Valleys. Decorative iron sculpting throughout the bar pays homage to Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower.

As guests transition to the dining room, they will be greeted by art-nouveau décor with a feature wall lined with sculpted Chartreuse glass surrounded by metallic and crystalline frames on one side and floor-to-ceiling windows separated by metal filigree screens on the other. Indeed, the restaurant takes its name from that decorative Chartreuse glass. There will be tables for two or white leather banquets with ocean views. A silver-leafed ceiling interspersed with gold-bordered black lacquered lines completes the Parisian motif.


The back portion of the restaurant will transition from a dining room into to a Parisian courtyard, creating the illusion of al fresco dining. Separated from the main dining area by a metal lattice screen, this garden area sits upon marble flooring with gold mosaic tile inlays and is illuminated by a wall of decorative lanterns and a centerpiece crystal chandelier.

Regent Seven Seas also announced that its new Chartreuse restaurant concept will be rolled out to the rest of its fleet by summer 2016, replacing Signatures on Seven Seas Voyager and Seven Seas Mariner. Select Chartreuse dishes also will be available at Compass Rose on Seven Seas Navigator.

And, if you don’t just want to eat great French food, Regent Seven Seas has another solution: They’ll teach you how to cook it! Earlier this month the line said it would introduce its first culinary instruction center, called the Culinary Arts Kitchen, on Seven Seas Explorer.

The Culinary Arts Kitchen will help guests expand their culinary skills in a special cooking school. Eighteen individual cooking stations will give guests to receive hands-on training in top culinary techniques. More than a dozen classes will cover a wide array of topics, including healthy cooking, fish and shellfish preparation, food and wine pairings for entertaining, how to prepare mini-desserts, high-heat grilling, and classes inspired by the destinations visited by the ship.

The folks at Regent Seven Seas Cruises seem to have the most –  Inclusive –  of the “All inclusive ” Cruise line  including Flights, Unlimited Shore Excursions, Luxury Hotel Package in Concierge Suites and Higher, Specialty Restaurants, Unlimited Beverages Including Fine Wines and Premium Spirit, FREE Open Bars and Lounges PLUSIn-Suite Mini-bar Replenished Daily, Pre-Paid Gratuities, FREE WiFi Throughout the Ship*, Transfers Between Airport and Ship, FREE 24-Hour Room Service.

Regent is certainly a good choice if you are looking for the ultimate All Inclusive Luxury Cruise Package.

All renderings courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.



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