Sharing our Travel and Cruise Adventures


Hi everyone. We are Mike and Anita the faces behind “About Luxury Cruising” cruise blog the site is all about sharing  our travel and cruise adventures.

We hope to entertain, inspire and encourage you in travel and cruise adventures and help you fulfil your dreams. Our love affair with travel and cruising started many years ago and we have been lucky enough to have visited many parts of the world  and experienced some amazing adventures. Our travel adventures really started with a cruise which we we not too sure about.

To say that we had got it completely wrong was an understatement!

Cruising was the complete opposite of everything we had thought it would be. Our first cruise was one of the most amazing vacations we had ever had. From that point on we have never looked back and have become well and truly “addicted” to adventure travel and cruising

Flashback to 1991 when Anita decided that we would be going on a Caribbean cruise! At that time we weren’t really sure that cruising was something we would enjoy – after all, crusing is for old people – right.  No – Completely wrong.  But nevertheless we took our first cruise out of Miami on the Royal Caribbean on Majesty of the Seas. At that time we remember thinking how large the ship was (it was one of the largest cruise ships at the time) – how times change.

So we decided we liked travel and cruising, and wanted to make the most of everywhere we went, so we complied lists of the places we would visit if we had the opportunity.  We still look back at these “To Do” lists and feel that we are incredibly lucky but also have a sense of achivement when we realise where we have actually been. We have visited over 100 countires and set foot on the 7 continents of our beatiful world.

Luxury Cruising Blog - About Us

Bonza Bikes Tour of Sydney, Australia

Route 66 California
Luxury Cruising Blog - About Us

So what about us?

We are great foodies and love to try all kinds of new foods and wines provided we know their provenance. You could find us tasting wine in remote vineyards of the world or kayaking in Antarctica as we have an insatiable quest for adventure, fine wines good food and stunning scenery.

Our View of Travel…

We travel as far and as much as possible and try to find out how other people live their lives & understand that the world is a much bigger place than the town we live in. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to travel the way we do and when we come home, home may still be the same, but something inside always changes – and that changes everything.

Photography and travel have taught us to appreciate the diversity and beauty of our world.

What We Are Not

Quit your job, sell everything and go travelling on the cheap type people, there are thousands of people with blogs like that, but that is not us.

We are not backpackers or budget bloggers travelling everywhere on the cheap!

We don’t like the idea of living our lives out of a suitcase, constantly unpacking and packing. Our home is importnat to us and we like to come back to a place called home to unwind and plan the next adventure. We have a family and other commitments that command a slice of our time.

So What Are We Then ?

Photography is a key part of what we do, we get inspired to Cruise and Travel by researching and checking other peoples photo experiences and reading other travel blogs.

We try to keep it real and don’t spend all our time on Social media sharing everything we do. We feel that much of what is posted has ‘fake’ stamped all over it.

We want… the experience and the story to be more important than getting a fake shot.

Who pays for our travel ?

All our travels are fully paid for by us from our own savings, we don’t own any fancy cars or expensive jewellery, instead we save as much we can and use it for our travel funds, we also do some work in the IT field as freelancers.

So what about the hat?

It was during a visit to Boston that Mike became a fan of the Redsox Baseball team and sports their merchandise all over the world.  Every day someone will comment about the Sox…. and how good or bad they are doing!  Up the Sox.