The Seabourn Cruise Loyalty Program – The Ultimate Guide

26 May 2024



The Ultimate Guide to the Seabourn Cruise Loyalty Program

When it comes to cruise line loyalty schemes, Seabourn is hard to beat, and its rewards are very generous.

Seabourn Cruise Line is recognised as having one of the most generous frequent cruiser programs available. After achieving clearly defined milestones, loyal passengers can earn a wealth of perks, including free cruises.

The loyalty scheme known as “The Seabourn Club” features two elements, and as a member, there are two ways you are rewarded:

  • Milestone Awards Program
  • Seabourn Club Points Program

Joining the Seabourn Club is effortless. You are automatically enrolled after your first Seabourn cruise and stat to enjoy the substantial benefits straight away.

The Seabourn cruise loyalty program also offers Club members discounts on cruises, premium wines, and shore excursions. It also provides some special extras, like a complimentary massage and a pass to the serene area of the spa. Plus, you can get free internet, free laundry, and a 40-minute phone call if you need to make an important call. The Seabourn Club scheme rewards you handsomely the more you cruise with Seabourn.

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We believe the Seabourn Club loyalty program is head and shoulders above the loyalty schemes offered by other ultra-luxury and luxury cruise lines. Most other luxury cruise lines typically have quite basic loyalty programs, if they have them at all. Many cruise lines have one of 2 tiers with benefits that could be better when compared to Seabourn. As with the Silversea loyalty program, you might get free laundry after 100 days at sea. So, with its comprehensive range of perks, the Seabourn loyalty program is very generous.

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Milestone Cruise Awards

Seabourn’s Milestone Cruise Awards represent the some of the best loyalty rewards in cruising today by rewarding its most loyal cruisers with free cruises. Every day you sail with Seabourn counts as one Sailed Day, and each day counts toward your Milestone Awards. Once you have sailed 140 days, you will revive a complimentary 7-day cruise; for 250 days, you earn a 2-week cruise.

Seabourn is one of the few cruise lines that rewards its most loyal customers with free cruises. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean are two noteworthy cruise lines that offer this reward to loyal customers.

Additionally, part of the Seabourn Milestone Awards recognises regulars who hit various milestones based on their sailing days. They receive a gift from Tiffany & Co. at a special onboard event.
The onboard recognition comes at the following milestones:

  • 100 sailed days
  • 200 sailed days
  • 500 sailed days
  • 1,000 sailed days
  • 1,500 sailed days
  • 2,000 sailed days
  • 2,500 sailed days

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Seabourn Cruise Loyalty program

The Membership Teirs and the Points System

In addition to Milestone awards, Seabourn club members earn points against a wide range of “extras” once onboard. Guests earn one point every day they cruise on a Seabourn ship, and those guests who choose to stay in the top Penthouse, Penthouse Spa suites and other premium suites earn 2 points for every night spent onboard. Additionally, club members can earn one point every night they embark on a Seabourn pre – or post-cruise land-based excursion.

Plus, you can earn extra points once onboard. Club Members can earn one additional point for every $500 they spend onboard. This can include spending on shore excursions, spa treatments, The Retreat, premium wines, and much more.

The points then translate into a six-level tiered membership program as follows:

  • Member (1 to 19 points)
  • Silver Member (20 to 69 points)
  • Gold Member (70 to 139 points)
  • Platinum Member (140 to 249 points)
  • Diamond Member( 250 to 649 points)
  • Diamond Elite Member (650-plus points)

Most cruise line loyalty programs offer few valuable rewards at the lower tiers, but Seabourn’s Club Loyalty program offers unique perks right from its first tier. Members can receive a 5% discount on any Seabourn cruise booked while on board, which could earn them significant savings on their next Seabourn cruise. There are also many other benefits, including advance notice of special offers, savings on select voyages, and invitations to special events and receptions whilst onboard.

Reaching the first few tiers of the program is relatively easy. It takes just one cruise to reach the initial Member tier. Reaching the Silver Member and Gold Member tiers would take just a handful of cruises if you do a few longer cruises or stay in top suites.

Seabourn Loyalty club benefits

The Seabourn Club Points Grid – Image courtesey of Seabourn

Silver Club Member – 20 to 69 Points

With Seabourn, the more you sail, the better the perks become, and once reaching the Silver Member tier, this unlocks one of the following onboard benefits on every voyage:


  • A complimentary bag of laundry
  • A 10% discount on shore excursions
  • A 10% discount on premium wine and spirits
  • 20 minutes of complimentary telephone calls
  • A complimentary Signature massage
  • A complimentary day in the Spa Serene area

Gold Club Member – 70 to 139 Points

Once you reach Gold Member status, you get two of the Silver Memeber benefits above, and the savings on premium wines and spirits rise to 15%.

Gold members can also benefit from a 10% discount on shipping services and a + Tavel or Conde Nast Traveller subscription.
The complimentary telephone allowance also increases to 30 minutes.

Seabourn Club Loyalty Program

Seabourn Quest in Antartica © Mike King 2024

Platinum Club Member – 140 to 249 Points

Reaching the Platinum level can be a bit of a stretch to reach 140 points., Based on spending no extra money on your sailing and not staying in premium suits, it would take approximately 20 seven-night cruises to reach this level. Platinum-level members get three benefits and access to a dedicated Seabourn Club concierge before their cruise, who can help with travel arrangements. The Premium Wines & Spirits savings also increase to 20%, and you qualify for a 15% discount on luggage shipping services. Your free telephone allowance also increases to 40 minutes. Related: A beginner’s guide to cruise line loyalty programs

Diamond Club Member – 250 to 649 Points

The Seabourn Club is a brilliant loyalty program, regardless of your tier. However, the Diamond Member level unlocks some stellar benefits.

At this level, guests no longer have to choose which Onboard benefits to receive; you get them all, with some further enhanced. There are a couple of notable inclusions, including Free Laundry and a Free Stream Wi-Fi package using the SpaceX Starlink; these are incredible benefits.

Diamond members receive:

  • A 25% discount on premium wine and spirits
  • A 15% discount on shore excursions
  • Complimentary “Stream” Wi-Fi package
  • Complimentary laundry and pressing
  • 40 minutes of complimentary telephone calls
  • A complimentary Signature massage
  • A complimentary day in the Spa Serene area
  • Priority embarkation

Additionally, Diamond members get access to the dedicated Seabourn Club concierge before they sail, plus a 20% discount on luggage shipping services.

The Seabourn Loyalty program has no downsides, but it can take quite some time to reach the 250 points needed to achieve Diamond status. It could take up to 36 seven-night cruises, assuming you don’t stay in the top suites and don’t spend extra money onboard.

However, many Seabourn cruisers tend to choose longer cruises, spend extra money on shore excursions, premium drinks, spa treatments, etc., and reach Diamond level after far fewer voyages.

Diamond Elite Club Member – 650+ Points

To achieve Diamond Elite status, you must have accrued 650 points, which unlocks a few extra perks above and beyond the Diamond level. These include private chauffeur transfers on embarkation and disembarkation. Providing you are within a 50-mile limit, Seabourn will send a car to pick you up and arrange transfers to your ship, and after you disembark, arrange private transfers to your home or hotel.

At the Diamond Elite Member level, you also get a $100 spa credit every time you cruise, complimentary dry cleaning, a few other perks, and all the rewards associated with Diamond Member-level status.

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Seabourn Club benefits

Seabourn Ovation Pool Deck © Mike King 2024

Forever Status

With the Seabourn loyalty program, you do not need to requalify for your status each year. Once you achieve a particular status, members get to keep their points and continue to accrue points forever. So once you achieve a particular status, you will retain that status forever or until Seabourn decides to change the program. Forever status loyalty schemes are rare nowadays. By contrast, many airline frequent flyer programs require you to requalify to regain status each year which is why the Seabourn loyalty program is such a winner.


Seabourn really knows how to look after its most loyal customers and rewards them hansomely. Truly valueable perks await those customers who cruise with the line on a regular basis – the more you cruise, the better your perks will be.

For most people Free cruises are the ultimate loyallty reward and Seabourn club members enjoy these on a regular basis. It’s hard to find any other cruise line lotallty program that comes anywhere near Seasourn’s offering.

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