Top 10 Must Have Travel and Cruise Gear Items for 2024

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best travel gear for cruises


The Best Travel Gear Must-Haves for 2024

Here at About Luxury Cruising, we don’t just like cruises; we love them.

If you’re planning a cruise soon, you may wonder what cruise essentials to take. To help you in this quest, we have created a list of the best-selling, most popular travel gadgets and cruise-related accessories on Amazon to help you get the most from your cruise.

Our experience has shown that being well-prepared for travel and cruising will reward you handsomely and make you feel more relaxed about the whole travel experience.

In this post, we share some of the most valuable things to take with you when you next travel or take your next cruise adventure.  You might also like to download our free packing list, which will help make sure you don’t forget anything.

Plus, there are a few items you may not have thought of bringing on a cruise but really should be on your cruise packing list!  Some of these items you may have at home already.

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The choice of items you might need for your cruise is very personal. Always plan on the basis that you need to take the stress out of travelling and which cruise gadgets and accessories would make things most convenient while you’re cruising. For tips on other cruise essential items, you might like to visit the Cruise Collection wiki.

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Cruise Luggage Tags for Celebrity & Royal Caribbean

This latest design is a perfect fit for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity cruise lines in 2022-2023; featuring a secure metal eyelet and sturdy nylon-coated braided steel loop, you will never worry about your tags getting ripped or lost.

    • Top Seal keeps luggage tags clean & rainproof; high-quality clear plastic makes the cruise luggage tags easy to read. Say goodbye to paper tags covered in tape
    • The pack includes 5 braided steel rings of 4 Different Colors and 5 High-Quality transparent tag bags
    • The fashionable design (2.52 x 7.56 in) makes cruise ship tags easier to insert or remove the paper tag.
      Cruise Luggage Tags for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise Essentials in 2023-2024
      Cruise Luggage Tags for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise Essentials in 2023-2024
      Made by JOLLYANTS; Latest Design perfect fit for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity cruise lines in 2024-2025
      $4.99 Amazon Prime

Motion Sickness Patches

For those of you who are worried about getting seasick and are looking for a natural remedy, these little patches may be the answer. Having tried many different remedies — from homoeopathic pills and sea bands to Dramamine (which can have some side effects) these new motion sickness patches work like a charm.

Check the Price & see Amazon reviews here ➜

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MQ Motion Sickness Patch,20 Count,Non Drowsy Sea Sickness Patches Behind Ear for Cruise Ship Travel, Waterproof Car Sick Patches Fast Acting & Long Last 72H
MQ Motion Sickness Patch,20 Count,Non Drowsy Sea Sickness Patches Behind Ear for Cruise Ship Travel, Waterproof Car Sick Patches Fast Acting & Long Last 72H
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - 100% Natural Herb, without side effects and causing drowsiness; SIMPLE TO USE - The motion patch can be used behind the ear or on the navel
$8.99 Amazon Prime

Quick Dry Travel Towel

Cruise lines all say they provide towels, and mostly they do — but sometimes they can be scarce around the pool. They’re also bulky and too big to carry on shore excursions to the beach.

With your own Quick Dry travel towel, you will never be caught short and can enjoy that beach break without worrying about securing a towel. This one is light as a feather and compact, plus it dries ten times faster than traditional cotton towels, so you won’t have to lug wet towels around after a long day ashore.

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Check the Price & see Amazon reviews here ➜

Sand Resistant Beach Bag/Tote

There are so many things to love about cruising, and one of our favourites is island hopping. On a cruise, you can savour each destination and choose the ones you like for your return visit. Many destinations offer a beach retreat for a day of sun, seas and sangria, in which case you’ll want a sand-proof bag.

This lovely bag is perfect for snacks, water, carrying swimsuits, a change of clothes, etc. it keeps your drinks nice and cold as it features an insulated cooler at the bottom. It is also lightweight and highly compact.

Check out the Star Ratings and read reviews on Amazon ➜

Packing Cubes

Organization is vital when packing for a cruise, as your stateroom will be small unless you can afford the owner’s suite! These Inexpensive Packing Cubes are perfect for first-timers to try; they are lightweight, hold more than one would think and keep items sorted.
They help you stay somewhat organized despite unpredictable storage situations during a trip, making packing a breeze. For us, the 8-cube set is perfect. They are sturdy, though they look deceptively flimsy—one of Amazon’s Best Sellers. View on ➜

No products found.

Travel Bottles for Toiletries

A set of small bottles perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and more applications. These beauties are leak-proof, TSA Airline Carry-on Approved, and feature a 3-layer leak-proof design that prevents liquid leakage or spillage and protects your luggage and clothes. The ingenious Opal shape ensures that no liquids remain in the corner of the bottles and helps you to get the last drop out without wasting any of the contents.

Food Grade BPA Free Silicone Designed with safety first and convenience a close second.

View on ➜

Portable Handheld Luggage Scale

Let’s face it; we could all use a little help when packing your luggage before a flight. Some people travel lite, while others pack everything, including the kitchen sink. That’s where a portable luggage scale can come in handy. It won’t help you with your packing, but weighing your luggage can help you avoid unpleasant hefty checked baggage charges if your bags are overweight. It will undoubtedly help slim down your packing list.

While selecting the correct portable luggage scale, always check these personal factors, including backlit displays and overall ease of use. We never travel without one!

Check the Price & see Amazon reviews here ➜

Just In Case bag

Cruising is a fantastic opportunity to pick up gifts and souvenirs wherever your ship drops anchor. Also, the onboard boutiques frequently sell popular brands and hand-crafted jewellery. This what we call a “just in case” bag is compact when empty. When full, it is a boon that can carry not only your tax-free bargains like liquor, cosmetics, skincare, clothes, ornaments, photos, art, and exotic souvenirs from your shore excursions. If you are flying to or from your port, it’s a smart way to save on excessive carry-on charges since it counts as a personal item bag. View on

Hanging Toiletries & Cosmetic Bag

Cruise Ships – even the big, stable ones tend to move around a bit, particularly in heavy weather. Sometimes they have limited countertop space in your bathroom. Leaving your toiletries or makeup out and in the living area is not such a smart idea and totally impractical. This hanging toiletry bag makes not only makes packing easier, it also keeps items organised and in place to give you access to what you need. At the end of your cruise, all you need to do is fold it back up and away you go!

Check on Amazon  ➜

Universal Waterproof Phone Case

Between all the idyllic beaches, cruise ship tender boats, shore excursions, and swimming at the ship’s pool, your phone will likely get wetter than you’d probably like. Protect your lifeline with an affordable waterproof phone case. This one has a universal fit, so any phone will be functional underwater, able to take stunning pictures and mini-movies with sound! It’s also sand-proof and scratch-proof, so your camera lenses will be safeguarded. A small investment that could save you thousands. Also, consider getting a wrist float strap so that if you drop your waterproof cellphone case overboard, it will float!

View on ➜

Waterproof Camera

Some Cruises will take you to crystal-clear blue seas and underwater heavens for snorkelers. For these, you need to be prepared with and Underwater cameras to help you create sensational memories of your cruise. We like this particular camera because it costs a fraction of the price of a traditional GoPro but gives great results in 4K. You can now leave your DSLR at home and take advantage of this universal, flexible camera can help you create all those breathtaking moments and memories.

View on ➜

Neck Wallet

Most cruise lines use a key card system for identification, which also acts as your room key. You will need to take this with you when you leave the ship, along with your passport (or equivalent ID), whenever you leave your cruise ship. This convenient little wallet safely stores your keycard, passport, driver’s license, cash, credit cards, and travel documents.

If you happen to get stuck in a traffic jam or your taxi breaks down on the way back to the port, and you miss the ship, you’ll be happy you have your passport with you. Additionally, it will keep everything secure so pickpockets can’t access your valuables whilst you are ashore.

View on ➜

Waterproof Backpack

A waterproof daypack is a seriously non-negotiable item for us when we cruise. It makes sense really, as you are surrounded by water all day. Whether you are on and off the tender boats or on an expedition of a Zodiac, things can quickly get wet. Learn our experience and get yourself a waterproof backpack. Whether boating, snorkelling or just messing about on the water – you will be happy to have it. This one folds up into a tiny storage pouch when not in use.

View on ➜

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