9 Things you should Avoid Doing On a Cruise

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Things to avoid on a cruise

Things not to do on a Cruise

Some of the following things are sure to surprise you, but despite the obvious, they still happen on every cruise. So here is an updated list of those Silly things You shouldn’t do on a Luxury Cruise.

1. Make sure you don’t miss the ship

Always check what time the ship leaves port and be there in plenty of time. When on a shore excursion remember that if you organised it yourself and you get held up, the ship will not wait for you. Checkout the Youtube videos of people running to catch their ship as it sets sail. If joining a ship in a foreign port, arrange to be there a day or so before hand, just in case of problems.

2. Never hang underwear on the Balcony to dry

As sure as Eggs are Eggs, it won’t be there when you get back. Most cruise companies have extendable clothes lines in the shower or bath room for drying your undies. If you must use the balcony make sure you take pegs and a line with you.

3. Never ask the ships photographer how you will know which pictures are yours

On some cruises ships be prepared to have your photograph taken many, many times. It does become tedious but for a special occasion, professional photos can be a great reminder of your trip. Cruise lines have galleries of well organised photos and half the fun of having your picture taken is the highly popular ritual of sifting through the hundreds of photos of you and your fellow guests.

4. When dress code says Black Tie don’t take it too seriously

You can look very smart in your Tuxedo and a black tie but nowadays there seems to be great competition among men to see who has the most outrageous bow tie or cummerbund. The are some great guides detailing what to wear on a cruise.  Well worth a read.

5. Never have too much alcohol to drink on a rough sea day

This always means trouble. Be sensible and drink in moderation particularly when it is rough.

See our guide to preventing seasickness on a cruise.

6. If you see the Captain wandering around the ship, don’t ask “Who’s steering the ship?”

Don’t ask if it is his wife!! If you get a chance, do a tour of the bridge and you will be amazed buy the technology used to control the ship. It is akin to an aircraft cockpit. These days ships are being steered by a tiny joystick.

7. Never ask what happens to the ice carvings after they melt

Ice carvings are a sight to behold and still feature on many cruises. The guys who do them are super skilled and take great pride in their work. Do ask sensible questions.

8. Dont Accidentally pack your Bathrobe

The cruise lines are ready for this one and they charge you heavily for the privilege. So a $10 bathrobe could end up costing you $100 or more.

9. Never discuss how much you paid for the cruise over dinner

Boring and one of the biggest sins of all is to talk about how much you piad for your cruise. Firstly, most people can’t be bothered once they are on the cruise and you will sound as if you are bragging when you start telling everyone what you paid for your cruise. The best price for your cruise doesn’t always mean the best value!

There you have it.  Silly things, but you need to be prepared for your cruise.
Have your say. If you can think of any more items we should add to this list please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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