10 Essential Cruise Cabin Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Are you planning a cruise and looking for the best cruise cabin essentials and gadgets to make the most of your cruise? If so, you have reached the right place!.

Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveller, all of us can always use more cruise hacks and expert tips to help us get organized, save money and have a better cruise vacation! Why not consider adding these to your must-have items for your next cruise.

In fact, after more than 40 cruises, we are always looking for new tips and tricks to share, and to our amazement, we are still learning. In this post, we share ideas for the best cruise gadgets which cover everything from cruise packing, cabin tech, safety, convenience, managing seasickness and more!

Cruise Cabin Essentials

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Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are such an underestimated travel accessory. From experience, we have found there are a variety of ways in which you can use packing cubes when packing for your cruise. They are generally very light but create order and structure for your cruise packing.

Ideas include using different coloured packing cubes for each member of the family to group outfits together or organising by types of clothing (ie. t-shirts, shorts, underwear) One of the tricks we use is not to unpack each packing cube once on board. By keeping them packed and ready for use, you also save space in your cabin. Some packing cubes can be unzipped and placed directly on a shelf or in a drawer in your cruise cabin.

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Travel Weighing Scales

This little gadget is a must if flying is part of your travel to and from your cruise ship. The airlines have become very strict about how much each piece of luggage weighs, with expensive supplements if you exceed your luggage weight allowance.

We all come back with more than we started with after buying gifts and souvenirs along the way. Weighing in at a miserly 2 ounces, this little gadget can be slid into your carry on baggage for ease of use. An electronic travel luggage scale is a useful travel gadget to pack. Pro Tip: Always pack spare batteries.

Featured: Etekcity Luggage Scale – check Amazon reviews

Luggage Tag Holders

These luggage tag holders are a firm favourite with guests. High on our list of cruise essentials, these simple gadgets save time and add convenience by printing your cruise luggage tags and placing them in these plastic luggage tag holders before you board your ship. They’re reusable and inexpensive as well.

Recommended: Luggage tag holders (find your cruise line tags here)

Cruise Approved Power Strip

There are several key reasons to consider these cruise approved power strips including safety, cruise line compliance issues and the lack of suitable outlets in most cruise ship cabins. There are now some safety concerns about using surge-protected power strips at sea, which are covered in our article The end of Power Strips at Sea?“.

Provides Non-Surge Protector & Without Extension Cord to be fully cruise ship compliant. Adheres to Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian and all major lines’ terms & conditions. It comes with Three 3-prong outlets and Two USB sockets for a total of Five [5] outlets. It is essential to have a non-surge-protected, cruise-approved outlet.
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Over the Door Organizer

Savvy cruisers have figured out the best ways to utilize the limited amount of space in most cruise ship cabins. One of the tricks used is the over the door organizer which is a great way to store items that are used frequently. As closet space is normally fairly limited, this is a great little hack to boost storage and provide easy access to certain items.

These over the door organisers normally hang on your bathroom door or you can even use magnet hooks to hang on a cabin wall. A great idea to help save time is to pack your over the door organizer at home and place it in your suitcase, ready to hang. From experience, we have found organizers with mesh pockets are better than all plastic ones. Our first choice is this one from CruiseOn:

SaleBestseller No. 3
MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer 24 Large Mesh Pockets, White
MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer 24 Large Mesh Pockets, White
24 roomy clear see through mesh pockets organizes up to 12 pairs of men size 13 shoes; Dimensions: 61.8" L x 22.4" W, each pocket measure 5.1" width and 8.07" height.
$9.99 Amazon Prime

Magnetic Hooks for Cruise Cabins

Magnetic Hooks for Cruise Cabins are among the most popular cruise cabin essentials on our list. These clever little devices feature magnets which allow you to attach them to any metal cruise ship wall, door or even ceiling with ease.

Magnetic hooks are most commonly used in the following ways:

  • hook cruise lanyards & ID holders for easy room access
  • purses, handbags, travel totes & beach bags
  • bathing suit, towels, purse, bag hangers
  • secure cruise cabin hanging organizers
  • back of door bathroom toiletry holders
  • cruise cabin decorations
  • paper itinerary, schedule, or documents
  • also unlimited home use for your garage, refrigerator, etc

Our first choice is this Heavy Duty one from CruiseOn:

Cruise Cabin Night Light

Waking up in the middle of the night in a dark cruise ship cabin can leave you a little confused. We have found it a good idea to have a portable LED light so that there are no accidents whilst wandering around your cabin in the dark.  A simple but effective solution to this age old problem.

Pop Up Laundry Bag

Another clever, but essential cruise gadget is the pop-up laundry hamper.  Great for keeping all your dirty clothes together before packing to take home or send to the onboard laundry service. You may find that having 2 of these helps segregate different items and store them under the bed once they are full.

Cruise Cabin Essentials Final Thoughts

Unless you are one of the lucky ones who can afford a huge suite on a cruise with ample space, you will need to use your available cabin space carefully. By choosing some of the most popular and useful cruise cabin essentials, as used by many experienced cruisers, you will be able to maximise the enjoyment of your cabin. Do you have a favourite cabin accessory?  

Please let me know in the comments below. Happy cruising to everyone….

P.S. We hope enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Please don’t keep it to yourself ;-). Feel free to share on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter using the share buttons. Thanks so much! 

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