Ultimate Guide to taking a Cruise at Christmas

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Guide to Christmas on a Cruise

Christmas is a great time to take a Cruise

When families think about getting together to celebrate the holiday season, a really great way to do this in style is to take a Christmas cruise.

Some would say it is the perfect environment in which you can spend time together and enjoy each others company whilst escaping the cold weather back home, experiencing new cultures and customs plus explore new destinations.  The thought of not having to cook, clean or make the beds is an even bigger attraction for some. It can also be a great way to treat your family and loved ones and give you memories the you will be able to treasure forever. Nowadays many schools have extended holidays at this time of year, which allows you the opportunity of perhaps taking a longer cruise.

The Most Popular Cruise Destinations at Christmas

Because of the warm weather and wall to wall sunshine, the Caribbean has become the number 1 most popular cruise destination for the holiday season. There are a number of ports offering Caribbean sailings with a huge range of itineraries and of ports of call on offeror your voyage. The cruise ports in Florida including Miami and Fort Lauderdale plus New Jersey to New Orleans all offer a variety of options including cruise length and itinerary.

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Christmas on board Crystal Serenity © Mike King

What to look for in a Christmas cruise?

When identifying the best cruise for you, there are a number of factors to consider. If this is to be a fun family trip make sure you check the on board activities for the whole family. Most cruise lines go to great lengths to decorate their ships for the festive season plus they arrange all kinds of special events on board to make your trip sensational. When considering the destination and itinerary of your cruise,

Flying during holiday season is a challenge, and so it is always recommended that you select a departure port which has direct flights and plan to arrive day early to make sure you don’t miss your cruise. It is important to consider the transfer arrangements to and from the port.


Do cruise lines organise celebrations on board?

Absolutely Yes. The vast majority of cruise lines do a fantastic job in decorating the public areas of the ship for the holiday season. Most ships are decorated with luxurious decorations that reflect the spirit of the holiday season. Additionally there are normally specific activities planned for holiday cruises which will include celebrations, festive menus and religious services.


Are passengers allowed to take holiday gifts with them on board?

The thing about cruising and one of the most important attractions is that there is no limitation on the amount of luggage you can take on board. So it is perfectly acceptable to take your holiday gifts on board and celebrate in style. It goes with it saying that, if you are flying to join the cruise ship you will need be aware of the airline baggage alliances which can sometimes be miserly.


What about cruise and flight arrangements?

As always it is best to work with your travel agent.  What you don’t want to happen is for your flight to be delayed and you miss your ship’s departure. It is always recommended to fly into your cruise departure city at least a day prior to the the sailing date. This way if there are delays of any kind you still have time to organise an alternative flight. It also gives you time to unwind before joining the ship and your dream trip is not ruined before you start.


What will I miss on a Christmas cruise?

Not really. The modern cruises ships of today provide all the comforts of home and much more. There is the food which is available 24/7, entertainment and time to do things together without the stress of having to prepare everything. Most ships offer DVD’s, satellite television and some even offer movies on demand. What you won’t find on a Christmas cruise is traffic congestion and the general stress of Christmas. The biggest thing of that you won’t miss is having to clear away and wash up after every meal.


Are Christmas cruises suitable for All?

It depends. If you love cruising you are almost guaranteed to enjoy taking a Christmas cruise! The whole festive atmosphere and merriment adds to the spirit of the holiday season and even first timers will find it nearly impossible not to have a truly wonderful time with memories that you can treasure forever. Cruising with the family over Christmas often starts a family tradition which can be repeated year after year.


Do I need to book early?

Christmas and New Year cruises are very popular and voyages can sell out 6 to 9 months prior to the departure date. Make your reservation early to make sure your suite or stateroom. No longer is it wise to wait to the last minute for cruise deals as these days have really gone, especially for holiday bookings. Also, airline tickets will sell out fast and prices get progressively higher the longer you wait.



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