Not sure where to visit on your next Luxury Cruise?


It is sometimes difficult to choose your itinerary and destinations for your next Luxury Cruise as there are so many great destinations around the world to visit.  Some are available to all cruise ships, both large and small, others are only accessible by smaller, more intimate cruise ships. The decision of where and when to go always comes down to personal preferences.

Hot or Cold?

So, Hot climate or Cold climate, large ship or small ship and All Inclusive Cruise or PAYG (Pay As You Go)?  Choose wisely and the most important thing of all is to always use a good travel agent who knows the cruise lines and the ships they operate. They can advise on the top rated cruise lines plus the most appropriate itineraries, and the better cruise travel agents will even provide you with their own cruise packing lists of things to take on a cruise.

Having experienced many of the cruise ships and destination themselves they know all the cruise tips and tricks to help guide you thought the whole booking process so that you make the right choice.  This approach pays dividend in the long run.

Use a Specialist Cruise Agent

 Check the leading cruise specialists web sites and from this you will get a feel to the type of agent they are.  Sometimes they all about volume and cheap deals, the better agents focus on delivering and personalized service and high levels of customer service.

The leading agents win awards for what they do and are proud of their achievements which will also be reflected in their web sites.  Some agents include profiles and backgrounds of their staff together with their cruising experiences which can be extremely revealing.  Nothing gives you more confidence than agents who are truly passionate and love what they do.  This will reflect directly in the service you receive.

We use a company in the UK called Deluxe Cruises for our Luxury Cruise bookings.  You get your own cruise specialist/concierge who will look after you.  They get to know what you like and dislike and can help you choose the right cruise for you.