A Guide to Themed Luxury Cruises

Jul 22, 2017 | CRUISE TIPS

Food and Wine Themed Cruises

What is a Themed Cruise?

As cruising becomes ever more popular, cruise lines are now having to differentiate themselves away from just offering the best itineraries or service.  These are a now a given. Themed Luxury Cruises are a great way to really focus on attracting enthusiasts, aficionados, and those who want to experience something different.

Themed cruises are now becoming very popular, with a notable number of first time cruisers choosing a theme for their first cruise giving them the chance to immerse themselves in their passion with like-minded people who can help them embrace a new type of vacation. So if you are fascinated by photography, ballroom dancing, Jazz or Big Band Music, Motor racing or Food & Wine, then there’s a cruise with your name on it. The choice of Luxury Themed Cruises is growing by the day with ever more exotic and interesting options being offered.

The choice is vast but thankfully help is at hand through a web site that can help you find the Themed Cruise of your dreams.

Theme Cruise Finder, is the first and only comprehensive searchable “Theme Cruise” database available on the internet. Their goal for their site is twofold. First to provide vacationers a place to search for one-of-a-kind theme cruise vacations. Second, and just as important, to allow travel agencies and theme cruise providers a venue to showcase all of the myriad theme cruises. The goal at Theme Cruise Finder is to provide a search tool where the vacationer has easy access to both private and cruise line theme cruises, which they may have not been able to find any other way. The Theme Cruise Finder website can be found at www.themecruisefinder.com

So with over 500 Themed Cruises to choose from you will be sure to find the right one for you.  The following gives you a little taster of some of the more popular Themed Cruises available.


1. Cuisine – Food and Wine Cruises

So you love food and drink, now combine both with a lively sea adventure. These days, cruise lines are capitalizing on the popularity of celebrity chefs and many of the Luxury Cruises lines now offer Food and Wine themed cruises. These include Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal Cruises, Windstar and Oceania Cruises.

wine tasting cruise


Special wine tasting events in the region and also onboard celebrity chefs feature in these cruises.  The popularity of this theme was evidenced with Seabourn’s recent Food and Wine cruise in the Mediterranean, which included wine tasting in the famous Chateau Neuf de Pape region plus tastings in Chianti Classico wineries. Shopping with Celebrity Chefs also made this cruise a very special voyage. Please see our Seabourn Food and Wine Cruise review.

2. Golf Cruises

For those who love to play Golf, there are several cruise lines offering the perfect cruise vacation.  Crystal Cruises offer a range of options including golf in the British Isles cruisesMediterranean, New England & Canada and the Caribbean . Tee off at renowned courses and enhance your game during on board clinics hosted by PGA pros and celebrities on these Golf themed cruises. Qualified instructors and PGA pros work with you, plus golf celebrities discuss the PGA Tour.

Azamara Club Cruises also feature a number of Themed Golf cruises which offer the opportunity of Teeing off on Legendary Courses in the UK and the Baltic. SeaDream Yacht ClubSilversea and Cunard also offer Golf Themed Cruises.

3. Music – Jazz, Big Band and more

Whether you like pop, jazz, or blues, you can be assured that there’s a music cruise highlighting your favourite genre. Book one of these theme cruises, designed to immerse you in the music, and you can enjoy nightly concerts or entertainment. During the day, you can take part in activities with the band, go to book signings, or listen to your favourite artist poolside. The Luxury Cruise lines cater well for music lovers; watch out for Holland America, Cunard, Crystal

4. Wines and beers

Ever more popular are Wine & Beer testing cruises.  AMA Waterways newest theme cruise on the Dutch and Belgian waterways showcases a variety of Dutch and Belgian beers, regional cuisine and delicacies, special excursions, a beer pairing dinner, brewery tours, as well as onboard discussions & tastings. There are many Wine cruises now, almost to many to mention but take a look at Oceania, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea and read our Uniworld River Cruises review.

seabourn Luxury cruise all inclusive wines

5. Dancing

Whether you love to boogie or are strictly ballroom, there is no better way to get the feet tapping than on a cruise. Ships offer dance lovers everything from live bands and trendy nightclubs to elegant ballrooms and lounges where couples can strut their stuff. Some cruise lines even provide dance partners for those travelling alone.

Thanks to the popularity of TV programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and the US version, Dancing with the Stars, there has also been an increase in the number of themed dance cruises where ballroom beginners and experts alike can perfect their skills on the floor.

seabourn dancing cruise

Luxury cruise operator Crystal Cruises has an “Ambassador Hostess” program aboard select voyages. A new feature of the company’s onboard dancing program, the hostesses are female counterpart to the line’s “Ambassador Host” program, which offers professional dance partners for unaccompanied ladies.

Holland America, Cunard & Celebrity also all have dance themed offerings and the choice is growing as dance becomes more popular.  Also a great way to burn off those extra calories on a cruise. We enjoyed learning to ballroom dance on our last Seabourn Explorations cruise.


6. Murder Mystery Cruises

Whodunit Productions will be stepping onboard a variety of Royal Caribbean ships to bring a sense of mystery and intrigue to your cruise. With comical shows and performances, you will have the chance to solve murder mysteries at sea. This is not one for the meek, as you will be given your own character to play. Not for the faint hearted!!


The bottom line is that you no longer just have to relax and enjoy your cruise, you can now immerse yourself in your favourite activity and enjoy your cruise.  Can’t be bad.
Our favourite – Food and Wine Cruises….

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