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The Ultimate Guide to taking a Luxury Cruise at Christmas

Christmas is a great time to take a Cruise When families think about getting together to celebrate the holiday season, a really great way to do this in style is to take a cruise. Some would say it is the perfect environment in which you can spend time together and...

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Secrets of How To Stay Fit & Healthy On a Luxury Cruise

According to some reports, the average weight gain on a 7-day cruise ranges from 5 to 10 pounds, depending on your activity levels, how much you eat and how much alcohol you consume. If, like most of us you are concerned about putting on a few extra...

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All Inclusive versus Pay As You Go Cruising

All Inclusive Cruising - A Dilema or Opportunity?   The Luxury Cruising market has become ever more complicated with an increasing number of cruise lines to choose from.  They each specialise in their own particular niche of the market and it is...

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9 Things you should Avoid Doing On a Cruise

Things not to do on a Cruise Some of the following things are sure to surprise you, but despite the obvious they still happen on every cruise. So here is an updated list of those Silly things You shouldn’t do on a Luxury Cruise.1. Make sure you don’t miss the ship!...

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Things you should know before you book a Luxury Cruise

More than 20 million people will go on cruises this year, spending approximately $1,800 per traveler weekly, according to Cruise Market Watch. The advantages people find with cruising include the opportunity to explore numerous luxury destinations without checking in...

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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Luxury Cruising

So what are the top reasons to consider Luxury Cruising? We cruise a lot and so when someone asks the question which is the best cruise line, or what was your best ever cruise - this is a difficult question to answer.  The choice for cruisers is becoming more...

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What to Pack for a Cruise – The Ultimate Guide

Deciding what to pack for a cruise can be tiresome – you either love it or hate it! There are the Packing Lists given to you by your travel agent (the good ones anyway) and the lists of things you have learned from previous trips that you may need.

Then there are the lists you can find on the web and also our very About Luxury Cruising’s Ultimate Cruise Packing List, developed over many years of cruising. You can get your Free copy by clicking here

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