Top Cruise Gadgets Revealed

It wasn’t so long ago that not many cruisers traveled with personal technology – things like smart phones, iPads, and Laptops.

In some respects it was one of the more appealing aspects of cruising. A great way to disconnect from the world and take a real break and properly unwind.

However, with the advent of the internet, satelites, sophisticated new communications systems and technological investments from the cruise lines, most ships now offer Internet Cafes, Wi-Fi hotspots and full Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the ship. Packages are available for purchase, you can pay-by-the-minute or if you watch out for enticing offers you might get your internet for free!

If you are a tech savvy cruise traveler, we’ve compiled a list of beneficial cruise travel tech accessories that will make life easier and may even allow you to pack a little lighter.


Selfie Stick

A selfie stick is not everyone’s favourite gadget, but nevertheless a telescopic selfie stick is actually a very handy gadget to take with you on a cruise. Quite simply the extended arm created by a selfie helps you to take better photos and videos using your mobile phone of Go Pro. If you are short, a selfie stick can be a bonus allowing you raise your camera above the heads of the crowds to capture the photo you want. We always recommend a Selfie Stick Tripod with Remoteir?t=34itsalablucr 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B073ZCNJZH so you don’t have to fiddle around with timers and the like.


Travel Adapter & Power Strips

Cruise ship staterooms and suites have a definite lack power outlets. They are often at low level and secretly hidden behind the furniture. Surprisingly there are few ships with USB charging ports as standard and we always mention this when we cruise.  Portable Power Strips or extension cables, particularly ones with surge supression are being banned by some cruise lines due to safety concerns, but there are multi output USB chargers that can solve part of this problem. Always ensure you have enough mains adapters to cater for US/European/UK situations.


Retractable Cables & Headphones

Taking a bag full of cables whenever you travel generally measn trouble.  They tangle sor easily and a source of much frustration. Reractable devices for USB cables and Headphones are a must. These accessories are ultra compact for convenient storage.



In addition to high tech onboard cruise ships, many have amazing state of the art fitness centres plus wellness programs offering not only relaxing spa treatment but also a variety healthy eateries. If you are into keeping fit, you should use a fitness tracker or watch that checks that you are meeting your activity goals at sea by measuring steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep. Some of the best known fitness trackers include the Apple Watch , FitBit, Basis and Nike Fuelband.


iPad to Camera Connection Kit

This useful bit of kit allows you to easily download and save your camera images directly to your iPad or Tablet. A simple device, this is essentially an SD card on the end of a short cable. Plugging into your tablet device, it allows you to easily backup your images and make them availble to posting on social media.



Smartphones and tablets have one major problem.  The quality of the sound is could be better. Luckily this is easliy achieved with a set of wfi-fi speakers allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes, podcasts or movies.
Betron KBS08 Wireless Portable Travel Bluetooth Speaker gives any tablet or smartphone a better sound with no cables.