So What is Naked Cruising?

Cruising comes in all shapes and sizes and is a struggle for the beginner to get to grips with all the options available. No matter how much they try, they can’t get to grips with the mountain of information that is available on the subject of cruising. So with Naked cruising we seek to expose some of the myths of cruising.

These are hard working people who are looking for the best cruising experience possible but always want to do it right. But without the right information it is not easy to to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
And they aren’t being successful for one simple reason – Luxury Cruising is awash with choice.

Search for Luxury Cruising

A Google search on Luxury Cruising will return over 48 million results and these are primarily swamped by the major cruise lines and travel agencies all vying for your business – which kind of makes sense. Search for books on the broad term “cruising” and you will find nearly 13,000 to read!

Searching any broad category will always return a huge amount of information that is dominated by large organisations with massive organisational and financial resources behind them so you may consider these of questionable value.

In most cases there is always a go-to resource that most experts would agree is the most useful place to get started. Except that with Luxury Cruising there is really one! Or none that we have found.

Resources Available

Are there any books on “Luxury Cruising”? Hardly any, just a few maybe and these get outdated very quickly as the cruising industry matures at an incredible rate.

Are these the best books on the subject of cruising?.  The most in depth, or the most advanced?

Some may be OK but it is a struggle to really find a suitable hard copy reference guide.  The only one we really refer to is the Berlitz Guide to Cruising by Douglas Ward.  For River Cruises there is also a comprehensive guide available.

The point is, that there are very few hard copy resources available and which can make you feel somewhat exposed or naked. All you can do is rely on the internet for your information.  Or is it?

Some key factors that can help  you feel less Naked include the following:

  • Always using a specialist cruise travel agent
  • Research your cruise well before you actually book
  • Checkout special offers and be sure you understand if there are any hidden gotchas
  • Plan your pre and post cruise travel well
  • Never buy on price alone
  • Make sure the itinerary is suitable for your needs

So that’s what we mean by Naked Cruising. It’s up to you now but whatever you decide, enjoy your cruise …