Monaco Grand Prix Cruise with Silversea

Jul 10, 2016 | REVIEWS

monaco grand prix cruise with silversea

A Unique Themed Cruise

Once in a while a cruise just jumps out at you.  That’s how it was with the Monaco F1 Grand Prix cruise on the All Inclusive Cruise line Silversea. For years we had talked about it, watched it on TV and thought to ourselves “One Day” we will be there. Imagine our excitement when we found the perfect cruise; a 7 day Mediterranean voyage with numerous interesting ports plus the Monaco Grand Prix which featured an overnight stay in Monaco.

The Grand Prix takes place in May each year which is the perfect time to be in the Med. Our voyage from Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome) took in some interesting cities including Sete in France, Monte Carlo, Ajaccio (Corsica), Portofino and Livorno in Italy.

Barcelona and Sete were good ports to begin our cruise and where we were able to experience some of the local culture, food and wines. But really this luxury cruise was all about the world famous Monaco Grand Prix.


Monaco Grand Prix with Silversea Cruises

Day 1 – QUALIFYING DAY in Monaco

This was Qualifying Day and it was truly amazing.  The buzz about the place was unreal and when the actual qualifying began the noise was deafening. This was not a problem for us as Silversea had provided earplugs for the event!

This was a practice day, but Monte Carlo was packed with motor racing enthusiasts and those enjoying the numerous hospitality events surrounding the race.  Getting an invite with hospitality is a great way to experience F1 racing but for us it was an opportunity just to wander round and take in the sites.

Pre Race Day in Monaco, lots of expensive merchandise to buy

St Devote corner, a tight right hander

To nobody’s surprise, Silversea had all the arrangements for both days well under control, actually very slick.  As Silver Spirit was anchored in the bay, we were tendered to and from the ship and the port.  No waiting or queues – it just worked.

Day 2 – Race Day

For us this meant an early start as we knew it would be busy. Again, it was all very well organised and managed with military precision with Silversea‘s unfailing attention to detail.  An Amazing Adventure.  The following photographs really tell the story of this once in a lifetime experience that we still talk about today.  A Cruise incorporating the Monaco Grand Prix is a smart way to experience this spectacle.

A Beautiful sight – The Windstar “Wind Surf” in Monte Carlo.

Silversea Cruises Silver Spirit anchored in the Bay of Monaco

A Huge Experience

Being part of an event like this and experiencing the noise, smells and the buzz around the town is simply amazing.  This is something we will remember for the rest of lives.  This is not what you would say is a low cost shore excursion, but we did organise ourselves prior to the trip. There is lots to consider when trying to save on cruise shore excursions but at the end of the day and with all things considered, taking a Luxury Cruise with a cruise line like Silversea is the perfect way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix.

Monaco Grand Prix Cruise 0005083
Monaco Grand Prixe Cruise 3222

Louis Hamilton on his way to his car

Monaco Grand Prixe Cruise 3146

Drivers everywhere



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