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Cruise Cabin Stateroom Light – Motion Sensor

(1 customer review)

This is a great little gadget for every cruise ship cabin or stateroom. Plus it can be used at home for indoor use in your house, garage, shed and more With its Motion Sensor, this LED Night Light is the answer to scrabbling around your cruise ship cabin in the dark and waking all those travelling with you. No more stubbed toes, kicking the waste bin or the edge of the bed! With its magnetic base, the motion sensor light will attach to the metal walls and ceilings of most cruise ship cabins.


The motion-sensing nightlight is battery powered and it takes three AAA batteries (not included) and lasts many months on a new set. Use the device anywhere without relying on a nearby power source!

The base of the night light is magnetic. Attach it to any non-coated metal surface with ease. Or, use the included adhesive to stick to any non-magnetic area.

The Motion Sensor LED Light Features:

  • Magnetic base to attach to cruise cabin walls
  • Back-up adhesive sticky strip in case magnet fails
  • Motion censored to illuminate with movement
  • 360 degree rotating light to point in any direction
  • Compact size for easy packing

A highly star rated product on Amazon where you can read all the reviews.

1 review for Cruise Cabin Stateroom Light – Motion Sensor

  1. Mike

    Absolutely essential for my wife to have one of these.

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