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Anchor Shackle Bracelet For Men – Blue – Stainless Steel with Anchor Shackle Clasp

(1 customer review)

This is another superb gift for the man who loves all things to do with the Oceans and the Sea.


This is another in the range of  Nautical Men’s Jewelry from Cruise On and is perfect for a Sailor, a Navy Veteran, or any man with a respect for the Sea and Oceans of the world.

Features include:

  • Easily adjustable rope knot on your paracord bracelet lets you wrap & fit any man’s wrist size
  • Military-grade nylon material is extremely durable for years of sailing adventures
  • Stainless Steel Anchor Bracelet will not rust & tarnish like alloys and won’t bend like sterling silver

1 review for Anchor Shackle Bracelet For Men – Blue – Stainless Steel with Anchor Shackle Clasp

  1. Mike

    My wife loves this trendy addition to cruise wear

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