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Where in the world is your favourite cruise ship? With our Live Cruise Ship Tracker, you can check where cruise ships are currently are located around the world. You can see in real-time where any particular ship is sailing from and to. This handy little tool will allow you to see if a cruise ship is docked in port, anchored or cruising to its next destination. Using the extensive search facility you can find any ship in any location! A complete guide to using the cruise ship tracker can be found beneath the map.

Quick Guide

  • To see Live data, simply move your mouse or finger over the vessel.
  • Click a ship for even more sailing details and real-time information.
  • Use the Search facility to find your favourite cruise ship
  • Drag the map to focus on another area
  • Zoom in close enough and you’ll see the ship moving in real-time.

1. Select the Type of ship

By default, the map shows all ships including tankers, cargo vessels, tugs, fishing boats and passenger vessels. To see only cruise ships and ferries, simply click or tap on the vessel filter icon, disable all ship types and then select ‘passenger vessels’. Then click or tap the filter icon again to return to the map.

2. Change the location or zoom in

By default, the cruise ship tracker is set to show the area close to Miami, Florida. To view a particular area simply drag the map to your area of interest. You can also zoom in and out of the map by using the scroll wheel on your mouse, the + and – in the top right of the tracker or by dragging the map when using a mobile device.

3. To find a particular ship

To find the location of a particular cruise ship, just click or tap on the search icon (magnifying glass) and type the name of the cruise ship e.g. ‘Cunard Queen Mary 2’. Click or tap the magnifying glass again to close the search facility and see the cruise ship map.

4. View Real-Time Cruise Ship Information

When you click or tap on a ship, you’ll be able to see the ship’s position and whether it is anchored or moving, it’s speed and destination.


This real-time live cruise ship tracker is designed to work on most mobile devices. However, due to the sheer amount of data, it can be awkward to use on a small screen. For the best experience, we recommend using the cruise ship tracker on a laptop or desktop computer

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