"I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad" George Bernard Shaw

Let’s talk about Luxury Cruise Discounts

Cruise Discounts?  Where do we start? It is one of those awkward subjects that seems to be a topic for discussion on every cruise.  What discount did you get and from who?  When it comes to pricing, cruise company promotions are becoming more and more inventive;...

8 Photography Tips for Cruise Travellers

Wherever you travel, and whatever means you choose, you will want to capture as many photos along the way as reminder of your trip. You want to make sure that when you get home, you have photos that truly reflect your experience and provide great memories…..

All Inclusive vs Pay As You Go Cruises

The Luxury Cruising market has become ever more complicated with an increasing number of cruise lines to choose from.  They each specialise in their own particular niche of the market …..

Cool Cruise Gadgets & Tech Accessories

It wasn't so long ago that not many cruisers traveled with personal technology – things like smart phones, iPads, and Laptops. In some respects it was one of the more appealing aspects of cruising. A great way to disconnect from the world and take a real break and...

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