"Packing for a trip can be exciting. But unpacking is always depressing"

Eagle Creek Packing System Review

Packing is one of those tasks you either love and hate. For us, we love it as it has a direct relationship with an upcoming travel adventure or even better - a cruise. Over the years we have developed a technique for packing and it works like this - Anita does hers...

What to Pack for a Cruise – The Ultimate Guide

Deciding what to pack for a cruise can be tiresome – you either love it or hate it! There are the Packing Lists given to you by your travel agent (the good ones anyway) and the lists of things you have learned from previous trips that you may need.

Then there are the lists you can find on the web and also our very About Luxury Cruising’s Ultimate Cruise Packing List, developed over many years of cruising. You can get your Free copy by clicking here

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