“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

10 Reasons to Choose to a Luxury Cruise

Cruising can be Addictive! The first thing to say is that cruising is not for everyone. You either love cruising or you don't. As you can probably tell, we love cruising and our cruise adventures. However once you are bitten by the cruising bug, you will try to...

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Why Choose a Cruise ?

To Cruise or Not to Cruise? Cruising has become one of the most popular holiday options, but there are still some very strange preconceptions about cruising, which are generally promoted by "cruise bores" or "knowledgeable experts" who have gained their knowledge from...

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Seabourn Quest Route of the Vikings Ports of Call

For us the Seabourn Route of the Vikings cruise from Dover to Montreal was a "must do" trip, not only because it was with Seabourn, one of our preferred cruise lines, but it had one of the most amazing itineraries. Our trip was on the Seabourn Quest, one of the...

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Top 5 Best Cruise Destinations

Our Choice of the Best Cruise Destinations Are you seeking inspiration and practical information for your next cruise or maybe just wondering just where to go? With the huge choice of cruise destinations this is becoming a mind-blowing task. Choosing the Best Cruise...

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Ultimate Guide to taking a Cruise at Christmas

Christmas is a great time to take a CruiseWhen families think about getting together to celebrate the holiday season, a really great way to do this in style is to take a Christmas cruise.Some would say it is the perfect environment in which you can spend time together...

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Shopping with Celebrity Chefs

Some people thought that Seabourn were taking a big gamble with their very first "Food & Wine" Cruise.  Actually it paid off handsomely and was a tremendous success! Mediterranean Cruises late in the season are notoriously difficult to fill and the trip from Monte...

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Why you Need Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a Must It is often thought that travel insurance is one of those things that is not absolutely necessary and are sometimes thought of as just another way for the cruise lines to make more money. The reality is that travel insurance should be an...

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9 Things you should Avoid Doing On a Cruise

Things not to do on a Cruise Some of the following things are sure to surprise you, but despite the obvious they still happen on every cruise. So here is an updated list of those Silly things You shouldn’t do on a Luxury Cruise. 1. Make sure you don’t miss the ship!...

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Eagle Creek Packing System Review

INTRODUCTION Packing is one of those tasks you either love and hate. For us, we love it as it has a direct relationship with an upcoming travel adventure or even better - a cruise. Over the years we have developed a technique for packing and it works like this - Anita...

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