With their recent announcement, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is becoming even more All-Inclusive with the addition of FREE WiFi access for every guest. Could this be the Beginning of the End of paying to use the internet at sea?

The luxury cruise Line Regent, announced the new benefit would be offered throughout their fleet starting in late 2016. Regent Seven Seas Cruises currently offers Free unrestricted WiFi just to passengers in their luxury suites. Travellers in lower staterooms will get between 200 an 500 minutes of complimentary WiFi access per cruise, with the actual time depending on the length of the particular cruise.

Regent’s move comes just 6 months after the launching of Viking Ocean Cruises, the brand-new high end Luxury Cruise line that has been making waves in the market with a “no nickel-and-diming” tag-line that offers totally free Wi-Fi for every passenger. Viking’s totally free Internet is similar to Regent’s because it is completely free for every guest.

Also preparing to include complimentary WiFi in their cruise packages over the coming months are Luxury Cruise lines Silversea and Oceania; although only for passengers in the top suites. Both cruise lines will offer travellers in lower cabins/staterooms a limited amount of free internet access each day.

In August this year Crystal Cruise began offering offering all guests a limited amount of free WiFi access each day.

While lots of the river cruise lines already offer complimentary Free Internet access, ocean cruise lines typically have inflated charges for WiFi Internet access. On some cruise ships, it’s not unusual to be charged 99 cents a minute, and it is not uncommon for some passengers to receive a bills for $100 or more on a cruise for the privilege of checking their emails whilst on a cruise.

Cruise lines typically describe the high cost of Internet access is due to the technology and infrastructure provided on ships to gain access via expensive satellite systems to the internet.