The Problem

Staying in contact with your families, loved ones or the office used to be a big problem when on a Cruise Ship. Today communicating via the Internet at sea is light years ahead of where it used to be. However, it is still a very common topic for discussion on cruise ships with guests complaining about poor speed, difficultly in connecting or offering tips on how to get the most out of it.

It is Different Now

Today Internet access and wireless WiFi connectivity is pretty standard on most ships and cruise lines with new technology is being introduced as fast as it is being developed.  Carnival Corporation have announced aa fleet wide upgrade of thier systems over the next few years. See Article HERE.  Royal Caribbean have also invested heavily in new O3b satellite 600 Mbps internet technology which will quite simply  take your breath away. It’s FAST.  See this video to be amazed.

What you pay for the privilege of using the Internet varies enormously  from cruise line to cruise line. Mostly they charge but the minute of connectivity which means that the longer you are connected, the more you pay.

There are Deals Available

Watch our for deals or inclusive Internet packages as these can offer good value.  Many cruise lines with Club Programs for repeat guests will also offer a specified amount of free time depending on your club status. Some of the the better club schemes will provide unlimited Internet. Some cruise lines will also include unlimited Internet connectivity if you take the higher grade suites or staterooms.

What you get for your money is generally increasing.  Ushering in many of these improvements is the Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN),  a provider of communications and content services for remote locations around the world. Recently, MTN launched a new web site with answers to many of the questions cruise travelers have about connecting whilst on board a cruise ship.  Their web site can be found here MTN’s Connect At Sea

Ever wondered how the Internet works – watch this video and it may help….